Not a good season

As I mentioned over at Fanblogs, this hasn’t been a good season for the ‘Noles. A win over Florida would sooth some wounds, but we’ve still got a rematch with Miami on the horizon in the ACC Championship and –if we lose– the hated Steve Spurrier in a bowl game.

From Fanblogs:

I missed this painful little factoid following the Florida State loss to Clemson:

Florida State has lost to three unranked teams (Clemson, Virginia, and NC State) for the first time since 1976 – Bowden’s first year at FSU.

And as I pointed out earlier this week, since they have qualified for the ACC Championship game, FSU (8-3) could potentially lose six games this year (Clemson, Virginia, and NC State, plus Florida, ACC Champ, and Bowl Game). 8-6.

Florida State hasn’t loss six games under Bowden since…you guessed it, 1976.


As schmed so graciously pointed out, under my “doomsday” scenario Florida State would finish 7-6. Gee thanks, schmed. I feel a lot better.

3 thoughts on “Not a good season”

  1. Kevin – I hate to look like I’m rubbing it in, but FSU’s record in your doomsday scenario would be *seven* and six.

    And not to invalidate the agony of your pain, I have to point out that 7-6 is in some ways better than 5-6. Though losing a CCG and a mid-tier bowl is no way to go through the off-season – losing an A+ coach and blowing the Crapital Dumbole probably runs a close second-to-last.

    Is the BB-man gonna make y’all suffer through some Paterno-esque seasons before retirement or is there a different solution?

  2. Ok, ok, ok. But look, you’re the one who started off all “keg-half-empty”.

    Hell, I’m a No.1, Grade-A Fan-of-Convenience for FSU right now to beat My-Yami. Y’all can have UF too, since the hit LSU’ll take on the BCSpcs will be more’n outweighed by getting rid of more pesky hurricanes.

    Whoah, O-oaaaaahhhh…

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