Can I just tell you how spoiled I am? This weekend, we were in the grocery store and I said, “It would be cool to have, like, a gourmet chicken fried chicken.” And, like always, Merrin said, “OK.”

Now, she’s never made it before – but I just enjoyed the absolute world’s best chicken fried chicken EVER. EVER … EVER EVER. I *love* southern food and – I’m telling you – I would have paid boo-coo bucks for this. So, *so* good.

You just don’t even know.

5 thoughts on “Mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm”

  1. I feel like I should probably know this, being a lifelong southerner and all, but how does chicken fried chicken differ from regular fried chicken? I’m pretty familiar (too familiar, actually) with chicken fried steak, but I’ve never heard of chicken fried chicken.

  2. Chicken fried chicken is a lot like chicken fried steak, except … you know … chicken. Boneless, breaded, cream gravy…. MMMMMMM.

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