Oh, I see

M: Since I started doing that, I find I can now judge people.
K: Since you started getting your nails & toes done, you can now judge other people?
M: Yes, basically.

M: I can judge other peoples’ bad hair.
M: And she should probably get her nails done.
K: ((silence))
M: She has really bad hair. Really. It’s really bad. Look at it. It’s like a black shellacked helmet! And the moles, my God. I would do something with myself before I went on TV. A little vanity goes a long way.

In related news, I love having my laptop at moments like these.

1 thought on “Oh, I see”

  1. You’re mean. And this was mostly taken out of context. But really, if you knew you were going to be on TV, wouldn’t you at least try to look a little decent?

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