April 2005

WTF, Verizon?

Can someone please explain to me why nf0 can get Verizonfios and I can’t? They buried the cables in our freakin’ yards. We live next door to one another. WTF, […]

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Y’all Blog?

From the mailbag: Kevin, I notice that Y’allBlog.com is still registered, as is BlogDallas.com. Any chance that they are coming back? Yes, Y’allBlog and it’s lesser-known alter-ego, BlogDallas, are still

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Hasta luego

About the time you’re thinking of taking a little nap this afternoon at work, Merrin & I will be on the beach, contemplating a siesta of our own. I’ve spent

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links for 2005-04-04

Buy.com – Lost (Complete First Season) DVD Pre-Order (tags: lost dvd) Movalog: MT Blogroll 2.0 Public Beta (tags: movabletype blogrolling blogroll) McAfee VirusScan 9 – free after rebate | Staples

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The Information Age

Bloggers have this before there is anything on CNN/Fox/etc: A British swat team armed with machine guns forcibly removed multiple passengers from BA215 (London-Boston) while on the ground at Heathrow.

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