Tivo for Christmas?

Did you join the Tivolution for Christmas? Santa brought you a shiny new Tivo? Awesome! Here’s some resources:

PVR Blog – all the latest Tivo news

Tivo Community Forums – the BEST unofficial resource out there. A little searching will provide every answer to every question. Seriously – it’s like a freakin’ zen temple for Tivo.

Tivo Hacks – Got a Tim Allen-esque need for power? Tivo Hack it, baby.

Register your Tivo – Use this link to register your Tivo. When you do, please, please, please mention that I referred you to Tivo service. Just mention my email on your referral line (kevin.donahue@gmail.com) If you do, I get a few points towards some free stuff in the Tivo store. C’mon, I need all the help I can get! 🙂

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