Shake that ID, baby

In San Antonio, strippers are now wearing ID’s while they perform. I guess now we’ll find out if any of them are really named Honey Surprise…or so I hear. 😉

Now – on a serious note – I really don’t think this type of regulation is intended to benefit the public. Seriously, are there that many people who would go to strip clubs if only the dancers would wear IDs? C’mon. This is simply a nuisance law. Regulation should always be just and fair. I suspect there are some areas of club operations that need more legitimate regulation, but this is just silliness.

I’m sure San Antonio can sleep easy tonight with it’s strippers properly tagged.

1 thought on “Shake that ID, baby”

  1. LOL ……. I heard them discussing this on the radio yesterday. The concensus was that simple ID tattooed on their hip or cheek would have been a better solution. 😉

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