Pimento Cheese Talk

Jeff has a great look at pimento cheese today. Man, when it’s done right, I love some pimento cheese. When it’s really smooth and creamy…mmm-mmm-mmm.

You can buy it off the shelf (Price’s is my current fave), but the best pimento cheese is almost always home made. If memory serves, my mother’s pimento cheese is made with Velveeta, pimentos, Miracle Whip and other goodness.

Jeff enlightened me to a new way to enjoy pimento cheese: pimento cheese burger. Anyone else tried this?

4 thoughts on “Pimento Cheese Talk”

  1. The only way I ever remember eating pimento cheese was on celery. My mom used to get the kind in a jar that I could use as a juice glass when the cheese was gone.

  2. hey, Josh took my comment. I was gonna say that! LOL….in the chili…that’s just funny. I bet you put some in your “dressing balls” too, huh?

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