I voted

Yep. I voted today. Total time to park and vote? Four minutes. Of course, it was 3:00 or so, but still. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t have to stand outside in a line.

8 thoughts on “I voted”

  1. Seeing a long line of voters sounds cool but I think most of us in Columbus would trade experiences with you. There are currently 200 people packed into the little library near my office. They were in line when the polls closed and the last person will probably cast his/her vote on NOv. 3.

  2. An hour and a half wait here…it was great to see everyone out to vote. It was busy here in Arlington because of the stadium vote too.

  3. Lovely here in the San Diego area, took me all of ten minutes because I had to carefully read stuff since I’m not familiar with all the crazy ideas they have out here, heh.

  4. Hey! That’s good! I didn’t wait at all, however, it took me long enough to decide who to vote for in other elections, except for the President. That was hands down!

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