How to secure your wireless connection

After installing a wireless access point in the house, I was able to pick up two wireless signals in the house: my own, secure wireless signal, and a second one coming from my neighbors house. (No, not that neighbor.) My point here is that, if you don’t want me reading your business plan for launching a new company in your My Documents folder, secure your wireless. (I wanted so badly to make some changes to that business plan!)

Here’s some resources for making your wireless internet connection secure:

Practically Networked: Securing your Wireless Connection Introduction to Wireless Security

Arts Technica: Essential Home Wireless Security Practices

Securing Wireless Networks

4 thoughts on “How to secure your wireless connection”

  1. If you really want to see how strong your wireless is secured, you can uses a nifty utility called Aircrack which will gather the WEP encrypted packets and recover the WEP key. Pretty much the same as Airsnort. AKA, use WPA.

  2. Yep. My brother lives in a small college town and didn’t understand why his cable connection was slowed way down after installing wireless.

    I showed him how to use WEP, un-broadcast his SSID, and use MAC filtering and waaalaaa. I’m guessing he had a lot of college kids in his neighborhood using his wireless.

    Note: all things I had him do were basic and can all be spoofed/cracked. The idea is that it’s not easy and hopefully the hacker will move on to one that is easy for the taking.

  3. Okay, was it a)”John”, b)”Amarillo Slim”, c)”Kahn” or d) none of the above? and what was the plan? you gotta fill me in tonight.

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