Grain of salt alert….

OK, it hasn’t happened yet, but we got word from Google today that they would begin adding as a preferred news source for college football. Per the email notice, it may be four to six weeks, but those Google guys are mighty talented. It could be less.

Fanblogs on Google news?! Wow!

6 thoughts on “Grain of salt alert….”

  1. Now that’s something!

    Ps…I can’t seem to arrow to resize the pictures. Drats! I must be missing some important clue. Wouldn’t that be like me? Yes.

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  3. Congratulations to you and all the folks over at Fanblogs. I’m not a big college football fan, which is grounds for excommunication in some circles I know, but I still enjoy reading Fanblogs once in a while. I look forward to seeing it on Google.

  4. Kim… all I can do is shake my head at that one. I have no words.

    Congrats, Kevin… we’re going to have to double your salary next year.

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