Google Desktop Search

What if your whole computer was powered by Google? What if you could search your entire hard drive for emails, documents, pictures, chats – you name it. Pretty awesome? Damn right pretty awesome.

6 thoughts on “Google Desktop Search”

  1. I used something like that in about 1998 on my computer, but killed it because of the lag time it caused while indexing things. It would probably be interesting to try the Google version.

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  3. I’ve been using Google Desktop at work and home. It’s *so* good that the other folks in my office have started using it. The ability to search your files, emails, web history & chats for a topic is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. I don’t know man, call me the skeptic here. I love google and everything, but is it me or is the whole world powered by google? I know it’s a physical download, but aren’t you afraid that they can see what you’re doing to use it against you?

    *covers up the heating vents to prevent google from watching me*

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