New Version of Sauce Reader Available

Synop has updated Sauce Reader to version 1.8. Let me just again say how in love I am with this newsreader. New features in the release include the ability to monitor a webpage for changes and download it for offline browsing. This is awesome for those folks who just won’t publish a feed. Go Download the new release!

2 thoughts on “New Version of Sauce Reader Available”

  1. I just downloaded the update and got BrykMantra in there. Thank goodness. There were a few days last week I totally forgot to check his blog because he wasn’t in my reader! I’m still going to bug him to get his feed working, though.

  2. Okay, okay, I got it working!


    (Seriously, though, thanks to you two for keeping on me about it — I’m the type of personality that performs best under nagging … ha!)

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