Where’s my credit card?

OK, I’ve been on a quest to find the Table Taps that Coors is promo-ing over at the Keller Beef O’Brady’s. I’ve even emailed Mike of said Beef O’Brady’s requesting one (for free – but I would be willing to pay!)

Well, search no more. Besides, this sucker makes the Coor’s tap look weak! Four feet of beer?! Oh hell ya!

UPDATE: My prayers have been answered!

UPDATED UPDATE: It’s mine all mine!! I shall thirst no more!!

11 thoughts on “Where’s my credit card?”

  1. LOL! Merrin, that was damned funny!

    Hey….I don’t think any of you ever gave me a tip for my services.

  2. I own Table Tap Products, and we make the Table Tap. What is the one that Coors is supposedly using? I have had a couple of people running around selling knock offs and using my name, and am afraid that is what is happening here since I have sold nothing to Coors.
    Does it look anything like mine?


  3. The Coors one looks like (and probably is) a Brewtender. They don’t use the name Table Tap on the product, in fact there’s no name at all. The waitresses call it a table tap or table keg.

  4. This lack of posting has me worried. Please don’t tell me you drank 4 feet of beer and you are now scratching your belly while lying half dressed on the couch watching the old telly…

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