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I like RSS Readers for some things – catching up on news, TV listings, etc. I try not to use them too much for blog reading because – well, blogs are (generally) labors of love & I want to see what you’ve been laboring on. 🙂

I’ve been using FeedDemon off & on during the trial period. It’s very good and the price ($30) seems to be about right for a good app. That being said, I downloaded SauceReader yesterday and, man, it’s great. It’s still in a 1.7 beta version, but I haven’t seen any bugs. Very easy to use – very similar to FeedDemon. Did I mention it’s free? I really like it. If your on a Windows 2000/XP computer, check out SauceReader.

One caveat to my “see”-ing statement above, both SauceReader & FeedDemon (and a lot of other readers) will load the page within a client window if you choose, so you can blog read & “blog see”, too.

5 thoughts on “RSS Readers”

  1. The way I use my news-reader — mainly for checking to see when a blog is updated — doesn’t lend itself well to those big RSS readers. I currently use BlogMatrix Jaeger which isn’t a typical news-reader, per se… but it does EXACTLY what I want it to do:

    1. Sits over next to a browser window with a list of new posts from all the blogs.
    2. Takes me there in my current browser window if I double-click on the blog name. (or takes me to the post if I click on the post title)

    It’s very simple, and very clean.

  2. I downloaded and installed this last night. I love it! I was using NewzCrawler for a while last year, but never really embraced it. This one’s better! Now I just need to get Mr. brykMantra to give me a feed to read!

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