Really good poker

Great poker last night at the Coopahues. I thought we got off to a late start, but the suds were cold, the brisket was hot, and the gelato was chocolate. Perfect. I managed to knock out everybody in poker for my first big win in a couple months. Merrin went out first around 11, then Josh before midnight on a really tough loss. Then I was left alone at the table with Kameil’s mother, and she was tough. I think I got out there around 1. It felt good to FINALLY win a big one.

I spent a good part of the day yesterday doing a Fanblogs redesign. The past year has been a hodge-podge of legacy stuff & css all mashed together. The new one is all CSS and very tight. I hope it passes the muster. It’s definitely a more professional look. That being said, content has always been the king @ fanblogs. It takes page size and cuts it in half, so I think Pete will be pleased.