Tivo’s Home Media Option

Tivo announced that Home Media Option is an option no more. Now remote (web) scheduling, digital music sharing, photo sharing, and multiroom viewing are standard Tivo features. What does this mean for the folks that paid $99 for the option way back when? Don’t know, but I haven’t seen anyone else pose the question, either.

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  1. I’m guess that we don’t get our $$ back. I did notice that for multi users homes, addional TiVos service price is cut in half.

  2. The dropping the price for multi-user was a surprise to me, really. First, DirecTV doesn’t charge multi-system charge – just one $4.95 charge/month for DirectDVR with Tivo regardless of one or 100 units. Second, if you’re going to let people get the networking at no charge – why not keep the multi-unit charge? I suspect that you would pay it, wouldn’t you?

  3. Personally we went with a multi-media computer, help with ATI:cards/software and connecting cable to the computer and schedule recordings can view the programs through the computer or output to the tv.
    I never understood monthly bill when pay one time for ATI and pays for itself quickly.
    Cable companies are suspose to be coming out with the feature built into box soon-I have been told anyway.

  4. There is a whole thread on the Tivo BB (http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?s=7c4acf7b0c59d21358e9109044ac4920&threadid=179285)

    It seems people have been getting a few months of service for free and some have gotten the whole price for HMO refunded. I sent TiVo an email and I’m waiting on the reply about a possible refund.

    Also, I read in a article that the ‘coming soon’ TivoToGo feature that will allow you to transfer shows to a PC and watch them and burn them to DVD will be included at no charge. That’s the feature I’m waiting for.

  5. Just a quick update, Tivo just called me. I purchased the HMO option in Feb for $59 during a promotion. They just gave me a credit back on my credit card for $40.

    Not bad, me happy.

  6. FYI, I have now recieved two 500 Server Errors when posting comments on your site at different times, different PCs, different internet connections.

  7. Yeah, the servers getting hammered. The comments seem to be posting but the mail gateway is getting hammered. I suspect it’s from all that virus email floating around. Maybe I’ll turn off notificiation.

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