Sun, Rum, & Fun 2004

Back home after a long week of sun, rum, & fun. This was –without a doubt– one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. I got to spend some much needed time with Merrin and recharge the batteries quite a bit. We had so much fun together and got to share it all with Brian, Courtney, & little niece Kailey. I’ve got a ton of pictures and I’ll try to post ’em asap with a trip recap.

It’s back to work tomorrow (Merrin has a few more days off), but –in the meantime– I’ve got a huge conch.

Update: Photos are up – family who need better shots for Ofoto prints, email me.

10 thoughts on “Sun, Rum, & Fun 2004”

  1. The pictures made me feel like I was on vacation, too…Now I am wistful and just tried to coerce husband into taking me to the Big Island (Hawai’i–the island. Not the state…Yeah, yeah, I know you know!)

    I am so glad you shared!

    I didn’t mess around with your blog while you were gone.

    Welcome home, both of you!*;)

  2. Thanks, yall. PT, I think getting to live on an island is a pretty good treat. Maybe you should try getting the husband to bring you to Texas. 🙂

  3. …meanwhile – I’ve got a huge conch.

    If you answer all of that spam for mayl enhencement produx, you’re gonna wind up a circus freak who has to carry it in a wheelbarrow (I foolishly tried a stroller, but those nosy Q-Tips kept insisting on “taking a peek at iddle-didums” and got the shock of their lives).

  4. It’s ture, Schmed. A week in the islands negates the need for mayl enhencement produx, as Kevin does indeed, now have a huge conch.

  5. I started to breakdown after viewing the husband’s vacation pics. Now that I’ve seen the fun you and Merrin had I am going to the corner to sulk b/c there is no way I can take off any real time until at least July!

    Glad you had fun though.

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