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Merrin mentioned that it’s hard to see the links on the page with the new design. I’m going to tinker with the colors slightly. I hate underlyining links as a general rule, but it may come to that. I’ve also toyed with going back to grey text (current) on a white page (yawn). Suggestions needed. If only it were fall and I could introduce my fall skin – we wouldn’t have this problem. Also, I’m in the mood to work on webs this weekend (anything to avoid real manual labor in the yard!) so if you have red hair & live next door to me, shoot me an email. Maybe I’ll tinker with a design.

4 thoughts on “Site Feedback”

  1. I personally don’t have any problems find the links, but I suppose they could be easier. Maybe making them a little lighter (one of the background colors?) might set them off more. That might require a slightly lighter shade of grey for the table background, though.

    Also, just personally, the background and the grey box on white really makes the design pop. I wouldn’t fool with that!


  2. I don’t see an issue with your links, but can see that it might be hard to notice. Maybe make your links bolded, or underlined, or a bigger/smaller font if you don’t want to change the color.

    I have red hair, and live next door, so I think I’ll send you an email. I’ll have to find some time for me and G to go buy a bag of twix bars!

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