7 thoughts on “Reorder your windows taskbar”

  1. Oh, so do I. But only at work of course, because I don’t have to worry about that on my Macs at home. If my Lotus Notes isn’t the first item on the taskbar at work, it messes up my whole day.

  2. YOU ARE MY HERO! I never understood why this was not just something that Winders could do…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    Me so happy =)

    I too, close everything to fix the order of things when they get out of order.

  3. So I am not the only anal one that likes their taskbar ordered ‘just so’! What a relief! Thanks so much, this utility is already in my quick launch section which is a pretty tough place to get into!


  4. I know this is an older post – but I am the same way. I need to have my “workspace” organized “just so”. LOL! I knew you had blogged this, and went looking for it today. I need to remember to save the link. Anyway – just wanted to say thanks! 🙂

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