Presidential Email

If ending the 2nd quarter with a huge bang & starting the 3rd quarter like a snowball headed down the mountain weren’t enough, I got an email today from the President of my company. Not a generic, “we’re doing this & that” email but a personal email – written to me, for me, and copied to the regional VP.

In a nutshell, it was a personal thank you. Last month, I had one of the 10 largest signed contracts in the company. It meant a lot to him – especially given the nature of my property (ie small resort).

That put a pretty big smile on my face. My reply went like this:

Thanks for the mad props. I’m feeling the love, bro. I’m gonna cost you a wheelbarrow in bonus ca$h, but it’s cool – I’m using the dough to buy spinners on the Taurus. Kev Out

And then I hit backspace 179 times and typed a very gracious (reply all) thanks.

9 thoughts on “Presidential Email”

  1. Did you put, likeyano, 20″ wheels on your Tore Us, nowumsane? They makin’ spinners with little motors that make ’em go backwards yet?

    I’d put that wheelbarrow of cheese on those headrest DVD screens all around.

  2. You know, schmed, spinners that go backwards would be a huge seller – combine that with some neon….you’ld have to rent a wharehouse just to store the money.

    Everytime I hear the word “spinners”, I always here Chris Rock in my mind, “Look at ’em spinners, beeyatch! Look at ’em! Look at ’em! They spinning!”

  3. It would be simple to do, just set up a little gearbox that reverses the forward spin. It’d probably need some sort of clutch or something so it’s not engaged the whole time, then flying off and injuring one’s homies.

    There. Now if you go and make an assload of money on it, be fair.

  4. WOW, that’s great Kevin. Just the fact that he took the time to write the e-mail and send it to you is important.
    “Thumbs Up”.

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