Last night the wife made the most incredible dinner. Those of you who have dined at Chez Donahue know that this is not an uncommon occurance. That being said, this was really, really good.

(Note: It needs to be mentioned again that Merrin & I have a habit of assigning unusual names to recipes. Clear?)

Anyway, she made this incredible dish that I’m calling Fish Pasta. It has this incredibly delicious breaded chicken tenders. She made the breading and it’s amazing. So, so good. The chicken is over perfect al dente pasta with an exceptional homemade sauce. Add in some cheese and it is to die for.

Maybe she’ll post the recipe. All I know is I’m hoping there are leftovers when I get home. I know we’ll be having this again & again & again. Delicious!

6 thoughts on “MMMMMMM”

  1. Well, there isn’t any fish in it at all. You’re right. Fish would ruin what is essential a very, very good Chicken Parm.

    It’s called Fish Pasta because it has pasta (duh!) and the chicken is breaded in a fantastic breading that tastes just like the breading Cathy Mancuso uses in her restaurant – and her fish is to die for. So, Fish Pasta.

    This is no where near as confusing as other Donahue dishes: “Cold War Chicken”, “Pig Fungus”, “Cheesy Chicken Surprise You Better Eat It”, “Zuki Chicken”, et al.

  2. Further clarification: The breading is the exact match used on Cathy Mancuso’s Famous Fish Fry, only I breaded the chicken with it. If you’ve never eaten at Mancuso’s, well, you’re really not missing much, unless and until you have her fish. It’s addictive. And (insert evil laugh here—-bwa ha ha ha!!!!—-I have perfected it!

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