Just another day at the office

I just wrapped up my on-camera work for WFAA-8 to air this week. They’re doing a special on the resort for Father’s Day and they thought it might be fun if I tagged along. Pretty easy work. Follow the reporter around on the golf course & at the spa. There was a “gallery” of us who would golf clap every time he did something. I’ll be easy to recognize carrying the “HUSH” sign and getting the men’s facial in the spa. I think it’s airing on the Wednesday edition of their morning show. OK…back to “work”.

5 thoughts on “Just another day at the office”

  1. I actually enjoyed it. You know they do all kinds of massaging you face/neck/shoulders during a facial, too. Very nice. I look years younger – although that’s a bad thing as I still get carded “R” for movies as it is. 🙂

  2. Is it odd that I don’t get carded when purchasing adult beverages, but other individuals who have ten years on me do?

    Also, capture it on Tivo and upload so those of us who don’t get Dallas news can see. =)

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