Comment #2500

((start Bud Light song))
Real American Heroes….This one’s for your Mr. Funny Talking Phonetic ManMr. Funny Talking Phonetic Man…you may have a real name, but you didn’t mind when I called you ‘schmed’ at work…called you ‘schmed’ at work. You stopped by and gave us number 2,500, and that’s nothing to sneeze at…no achoo, no gazoontite…. For all you do Mr. Funny Talking Phonetic Man, you voice is welcome here any day…come on back now, Mr. Funny Talking Phonetic Man.
((end Bud Light song))

A 10 minute nap does me up fine, but I’m forced by cultural convention to keep Juan Valdez in burros.

Nobody in the corporate world seems to think twice about a 15-20 minute coffee break (or seventeen 5 minute nicaddict breaks outside), but try to catch 40 winks one afternoon and they’ll burn a trail in the carpet getting to HR for a “sleepin’ on duty” writeup.

It’s a dirty world, ain’t it?

Comment #2500 – schmed

Thanks, schmed, and everyone. Reading your comments is the best part of blogging. You guys rock.

5 thoughts on “Comment #2500”

  1. Hey, don’t mention it!

    But if you do, make it coincides with your 500th entry.

    [mass quantities of confetti, streamers and balyewns descend from above]


    And I CAN’T WAIT to hear the “Mr. Phunnie Tawquing Frenetic Man” on the radio – that was frikken inspired, dude. Next, do “Mr. Chronic Blog Commenter.”

  2. A) I said five hundred, not thousand
    B) The status line showed “…entry_id=3000” so I did some higher level math and deducted 2500 to come up with that.
    C) There isn’t any cash involved in this honor, is there.

  3. You would think that working at the mint & bringing home sacks full of coin would make money moot to you, but it hasn’t. 🙂

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