What to do, what to do

Let’s say your out having lunch. Forget the fact that it’s way past lunch time (2:30) since your client appointment ran late. Ignore the fact that you’re dining alone (loser!). Now, while your reading…I don’t know…maybe the newspaper. You have placed your ever-so-delicate paper napkin in your lap, praying that you will eventually see a member of the waitstaff in hopes that you can order. You reach for one of your complimentary tortilla chips and instead dunk your ring finger in the salsa. (Did I mention you’re eating at a tex-mex place? No? Well, you are. Sorry – details!)

What’s the proper protocol? Lick the salsa off your finger and face potential scorn and humiliation, or, wipe your hand with the fiber thin napkin thus rendering it useless with nary a hope of finding a replacement?

7 thoughts on “What to do, what to do”

  1. The gentleman would remove the extraneous concoction with his available napkin. More napkins are surely available upon request.

    Or, since we’re in Texas, you could attempt the stealth move of wiping it off on the part of the table cloth that is under the table. It does take a bit of skill; novices need not apply.

  2. Personally, i’d lick it off. That’s the beauty of finger foods, you don’t have to be afraid of things like that 🙂

    Oh and thanks for the ping btw, came through fine. Looks like the new MT beta is working great. I’ll be posting my impressions soon 🙂

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