Weighing the cost, paying the price

Merrin said there was a poll on CNN yesterday asking if the Nick Berg video (or even the details of it) were changing peoples’ minds about the battle that’s being fought in Iraq (specifically) and against Islamic militants (in general). Surprisingly, the outcome was a resounding yes. I say it’s surprising because, from my perspective, I’ve always believed that these were the people we’re fighting.

Merrin explained that, for her, it had made a difference. She was more convinced that the US is doing the right thing. Apparently that would put her in the majority. I’m almost tempted to post the link to the video, because – if you watch it – you will never again doubt what we are up against. But there’s a lot of things happening in the world that show just what we’re facing that aren’t getting front page news today.

For example, some Hamas terrorists lured an Israeli troop carrier into an area where they had planted a roadside bomb, blowing up the Israeli truck, killing all of the soldiers. The terrorists took the remains of the Israeli soldiers and are holding their remains hostage to get other terrorists released from prison.

The names of the six soldiers killed are: Sgt.-Maj. Edron Amar, 20, of Eilat; Sgt. Eitan Newman, 21, of Ramot in Jerusalem; Aviad Deri, 21, of Ma’aleh Adumim, Kobi Mizrahi, 20, of Moshav Matta, St.-Sgt. Ofer Gerbi, 20, of Moshav Ben Zakai, and Jacob Marvizi, from Kibbutz Geva. The Israeli army is going door to door until they can return the bodies to their families.

Holding the body parts as ransom. Tying the burnt and dismembered bodies of Americans to bridges. Decapitating American civilians. Shooting a pregnant woman& her four children, and then attacking mourners at her funeral. Targeting men, women and children where they work and live. That’s the kind of sick minds we’re facing.

We cannot change their minds by talking them out of their hatred. That has been proven by years and years of turning the other cheek. We’ve made it clear – those days are over. We cannot stop for one second to catch our breath. We cannot grow tired of this fight. It is mentally disgusting, physically sickening, and emotionally exhausting, and we all know that it will continue for years and years to come.

We’re up against people that want to kill as many Americans & westerners as possible. They don’t think twice about holding a man down and cutting off his head. Do you think for one second that they wouldn’t use any weapon they could against you…here…in our own country?

Don’t fool yourself – it’s a war and it’s being fought every single day. It’s being waged by American soldiers a lot braver than I am, and I’m glad they’re out there. I want them to do whatever they have to do to keep my family safe.

If that means that you arrest people that are targeting American civilians/soldiers and throw them in the darkest of caves where their cries can’t be heard – thanks OK. I accept that. If you can’t tell me all the details – that’s OK. I accept that. If you must do some things that I wouldn’t do – that’s OK. I accept that.

A heavy price must be paid for our freedom and safety – and we must continue to pay it. That’s OK. I accept that.

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  1. Thanks for posting that. The anti-American noise coming from inside our country and our government has me sick to the point where I almost can’t think about it any more.

    Despite the hypocrisy of the media’s outrage over Abu Grabass and lack of commentary on the lukewarm discomfort shown by other Arab regimes with their own ideal prison/prisoner rights conditions, that video should not be shown.

    If Americans can’t/won’t steele our collective resolve with the memory of the September 11 attacks, I doubt the martyrdom of Nick Berg would either.

    Maybe they could take the political leash off the USMC too.

  2. not for nothing, but i feel that putting a bag on a prisoner’s head or taking a photo of them with a leash attached while nekkid…. well, that’s NOTHING compared to decapitation…

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  4. Actually, and I’m sorry to correct, but the majority of the opinion was “no”, including mine. This atrocity did not change my mind at all, and apparently, it did nothing to change the minds of a lot of CNN readers. I believe in defending our freedom, and I believe in bringing killers to justice. I do think it’s important to bear in mind, however, that we are not fighting Iraqis, and I fear that this video will incite misplaced hatred. Do I want Al Qaeda to suffer, just like Nick Berg suffered? You bet. Am I willing to support the defenders of our freedom, and of basic human rights? Yep. I just want to be sure and maintain my focus.

  5. We should let the dog off the leash, sterilize the Earth of all Islamic militant murders. Do it now, swiftly and with resolve.

  6. That’s not the answer. “Kill ’em all” is just ignorant. “Kill all the ones that keep gunning for us” might be OK, though. A lot of Muslims just want to be left alone to live their lives. Yes, that generally means they would like all non-Muslims to live farther away from their Islamic homelands, but many of them wish no one any harm.

    When you think about it, I’m sure their view is reciprocated by a large number of Americans as well.

    Kill them all is not the answer. We are better than that…I hope.

  7. This killing is sick. I don’t want to see the video, I saw (rather unvoluntary) still pictures, and knowing what happened is enough, you don’t want to give more sadness to the family by seeing him as an object as did the killers.
    It reflects that the war is not over. I’m french and I wish to stress that most people here are not anti-american, but against the way the war has been led. Also, I’m 31, and since I’m born I hear the terror happening in israel and palestine. isn’t it time to change strategy before a nuke?

  8. It’s interesting to get a French perspective. As I’m sure you aware, a good portion of Americans are more anti-France than ever before. And, we’re told that the same is true on your side as well.

    Your description of the French people as being against the war “as it has been led” confounds a lot of us. I, for one, can’t imagine how a country that has been so liberal in supporting the rights of every group can ever be opposed to the overthrow of Saddam. We have heard that the French got quite a bit from Saddam’s government, but still – he killed without mercy and that can’t sit well with most Frenchmen.

    Europe in general needs to wake up. What happened to the Chechen president and the bombings in Spain could easily happen throughout the continent. Terrorists took over a theater in Russia, can they not do the same in Paris? Do the French & Germans still think they are isolated and won’t be targeted? Crazy.

  9. After seeing the brutal murder of Nick Berg, I am more convinced then ever that Muslims are animals that we must all work together to irraticate. the muslim religion is based on violence and terror and must be destroyed.

  10. Vince Bonaccino

    Muslim’s are the garbage of the world. This religion is a threat to freedom and democracy. This religion wants to use the sword, then they will die by the sword. Muslim’s have contributed nothing to modern day society. It is a religion that has poisoned the middle east and now they are trying to invade the western world. We must get them first. President Bush clearly understands the issues facing the US and the western world. Let him finish the job.

  11. You guys are painting with too broad a brush.

    A lot of Muslims just want to be left alone to live their lives. Yes, that generally means they would like all non-Muslims to live farther away from their Islamic homelands, but many of them wish no one any harm.

    When you think about it, I’m sure their view is reciprocated by a large number of Americans as well.

  12. i watched the video of nick berg and was totally pissed, i hate them all and hope they die horrible deaths n rot n hell. I want to join the military just to have the legal power to kill those motherfuckers.

  13. Wow, Kev. You have a whole lot of idiots that visit your little blog. If anyone would like to do their homework, the Muslim religion is actually rooted in peace. Killing of any kind is abhorrent to the true Muslim faithful. Like Christian extremists (the folks at Ruby Ridge or Waco, for example) were murderers, too. Does that mean we should kill all the Christians?

  14. The Angry American

    I would also like to go to Iraq, shoot some of them losers, But they will still keep coming…I don’t think this war was planned very well, Why not send another 100.000 back over there, and finish it. And the alsader rag head too. The prison abuse is the same way they would treat us, so i don’t feel sorry for them. Not to mention what they did to some of our troops. They send our soldiers home in boxes, but yet a bag over there head is wrong? pleaseeeeeeee….
    I think the public, and the media needs to wake up, Them bastards have more protection than our troops do. I say turn that place into a gravel pit.. and that is only cause of the video on nick. I am not the type of person to kill anyone, but if it has to be done, then so be it.
    i wouldn’t feel bad about shooting that zacari dude. I would take pleasure in it…..

  15. The ignorance in these posts is astonishing. Correct me if I am wrong, but did we not go into Iraq to liberate the people from a brutal dictator? (Especially true since the WMD’s are nowhere to be found.) Then why are you advocating killing all muslims? Why go into Iraq if Saddam was already doing the job? Secondly, Israel does not release the bodies of those killed by their soldiers without DNA testing, which if you live in a refugee camp and are prohibited from daily necessities, like going to work, you cannot afford the cost. Seems like the pot calling the kettle black. But, like so much of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, one only hears one side of the story which is the shame of our media.

  16. Aer – you imply that your ‘facts’ are more correct. I say you’re not even close. First, to suggest that Israel does not turn over bodies of terrorists following an attack is false. The government makes an attempt to contact next of kin. Generally, from what I’ve read on the Palestinian sites, the family does not claim the bodies, but will sometimes send a representative to do so. This is generally a fear of retaliation on the families part. The Israelis are then in the position of turning over whatever might remain of a terrorist to someone other than the family. Clearly, it’s a rock and a hard place.

    I haven’t read too many criticisms of the Syrians treatment of Palestinian refugees. No one raised a stink when Jordan ran them out on a rail. Egypt gets a pass for not offering refuge. All the countries in the region have had a turn at hosting the Palestinians. Only Israel gets the backlash. Very short memory we all have.

    Next, you imply that all Iraqis are Muslim. That is not true at all. Iraq is a culturally diverse country. Many of it’s people are Muslim, but there are people of many faiths & cultures in Iraq.

    The United States entered Iraq for several reasons. Saddam was a tyrant to his neighbors and citizens. He has been arrested and will be turned over to the Iraqi people – clearly a good thing. To even imply that there is a valid comparison between the regime of Saddam and the US occupation is laughably ignorant.

    I strongly suggest you run along and comment troll somewhere else.

  17. Thank you for your response. I apologize for my my first line, perhaps too quick of a line tapped out. I do belive that discussion, disagreement, and clarification is a good thing. I will not respond again, as suggested, so we can all live in our little fishbowls.

  18. As a fomer marine and vietnam veteran I was appalled by our premptive invasion of Iraq but supported our efforts in Afkanistan. That being said, we are now in the middle of this shit hole and its time to get off the pot. We have to carry this through to the only viable outcome for our continued security. Lets quit worrying about religious sites and burn the bad guys where we find them. We have the firepower but lack the will to get the job done, just like in Vietnam. Unleash my mean green brothers and watch the bad guys run, they won’t get far!

  19. to start i watched the video and hate towards the muslim exremists has increased dramaticaly.
    I have no ill will to normal Muslims because the normal muslim is like the normal christian but like every religion someone twist it to their liking al-kaida (forgive me spelling)is their version of our Klu klux klan I am sure most members would do the samething to a black man as hey did to nick berg if given the chance and not bother them.(btw i am white)
    We need to stop messing around over there and target the extremists to start send a tomahawk missile into that shiite clerics compound and place artillery units outside every iraqi city and anytime our troops are fired upon call in an artillery strike on the city block the shooting is coming from even if it is a muslim temple it isnt a holy place if they are firing from it.
    I also want to respond to the person who said there weren’t any WMD found well my friend must not been paying much attention but they did find some serin gas not to long ago and more than likely the reason we didnt find more is probably because we gave him enough time so he could have given it to Syria. If iraq never had WMD then explain to me how some 6000 Kurds died in a Kurdish village back in the late 80’s?

  20. We all can agree that Iraq possessed WMD’s, they used gas on the Kurds in the 80’s. The question is to what extent did Iraq possess WMD’s last year, to what extent were WMD’s destroyed under the UN inspections, and to what extent was Saddam an imminent threat to warrant an invasion. We can either agree or disagree.

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