Remember this? Well, if all goes as planned I will start and finish the project by noon tomorrow. And — like all my projects — we have the ambulance on speed dial, just in case.

Update: I’m finished. Well, 99.3% finished. I’ve been out sitting in the new found shade with a favorite beverage. I’d say that I wrapped up for the day around 4p. I still need to get a couple extra trim pieces. Once we’re back from the Bahamas, I’ll add some flower boxes around the posts to give Merrin some additional garden space and landscape the perimeter. I think it looks pretty good (image).

100 thank you’s to Josh. He came over and was a hero. I spent a couple hours trying to do a 2 man job myself this morning. I wouldn’t have finished that project without Josh’s help. He knows the ins & outs of how to do a project right. I know the shortcuts. Together, we make a pretty decent team. Thank you, sir. You’re a really great friend. I owe you one.

7 thoughts on “Tomorrow”

  1. Did I say you could do it?! Oh, I must have been hopped up….

    NAH! I think you’ll be fine, with some medics on the side. Don’t forget about the guy with the 9 nails in himself. Sure, he’s still alive and all, but 9 nails!!! IN HIM!!! You don’t have a nail gun, do you? Just old fashioned hammer and nails, right? Right?

    Be very careful.

    Gah, I’m kidding! You’ll be fine*:)

  2. That looks ambitious! I love it when they say one person, half an hour, then you get stuck and have to wait till someone gets home.

  3. Could it take you guys any longer to get that thing up?! Its 2pm already – and you’ve been at it since at least 8 this morning!

  4. Huh. It’s 3:20, I’m home from work, and my husband is nowhere to be found. It seems he’s at Lowe’s, procuring additional supplies.
    Still and all, though, it looks pretty damn good, and I’m impressed. I never thought I’d live to see this day.

  5. Might I suggest bribing your dear Merrin to slather sumscream on you aforehand or you might suffer the ill effects of prolonged exposure and regret it terribly.

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