6 thoughts on “Still Gmail begging”

  1. I had no idea gmail was this hot!!! and I have an account … geeze I should have picked a great account name instead of my normal one…. I sent you gmail and when I get the invite friend, you will be it…

    Oh and what is a sysfrog? as in sysfrog.org… can’t find it. But myself@sysfrog.org emailed me at my AOL mail, from my comment on your last Gmail begging post asking for an invite…

    hummmm how did he do that.. your thing says emailed never displayed… was it begging spam?

    Ok rambling now… going… gone

  2. Believe it or not, but I’ve hunted for a way to gift you with an account and met with zero success…I’ll check into that link you’ve provided.

    Boy, I didn’t realize what a hot commodity gmail is!

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