I know I shouldn’t blog this, but…I just found out that my underwear is on backwards. D’oh!

12 thoughts on “OOPS!”

  1. OH NO You didn’t!!! You didn’t just tell this! La-la-LA-la-la! I’m not listening to you…

    Ps…Could you prove it with some photographic evidence? Just asking.

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  3. This is not quite the kind of post I expect in my rss feed, but it sure made for a great giggle. Thank you. 😉

  4. Oh yeah, sure, everyone’s a critic. At least they were my underwear, ok?!

    Curiously, I’m home and have changed my clothes, yet my underwear is still backwards. :/

  5. OK this enquiring mind wants to know…. HOW? or should I say WHAT kind of underwear do you wear?

    I know it has been awhile since I have seen a man’s underwear, actually come to think of it, I think it was cam pics of Chris Pirillo in his briefs and boxers on the first No Pants Friday…

    Ok back to this subject.. what kind of male underwear doesn’t give you that… errr.. opening?

    Kevin, do you wear bikini underwear?

    That’s the only kind I can think of that wouldn’t be immediately recognizable to the average male…

    Great now I am obessed about male underwear… thanks 😛

  6. So you left the skivvies on backwards, even….intentionally….

    What does that say about you, my friend?

    And damn hell I hope Merrin doesn’t depend on you to put her undies on or she be suffering terrible “hungryhungryhippo” all day. Tugging and pulling. Were YOU tugging and pulling?

    Yes. I know about tugging and pulling. I have experienced “the ride.”

    If MY undies were backwards, I’d change them when I got home, double-time!

    I’m surprised, a little. I’ll take a gander and say it’s that snug fit that “seems oh-so-right.”

    It’s your fruits-as in froot-o-da-looms-to do as you please. Walk around with your bebs, speedos like that. See if I scold you. You’re a big boy.

    I respek you.

    Spritle’s fave: Tidywhities.

    Boys. What to do? What to do….

  7. OK, first of all, I wear boxers. I’m no tailor, but I don’t know that there’s too much difference in boxers being worn forwards or backwards, with the exception of the fly. Some of them fit a little better when worn properly, I can attest, but otherwise there doesn’t seem to be that much difference.

    Y’all crack me up. Made my day. 🙂

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