MovableType 3.0 is here

I was checking the MT website this morning and – lo and behold – MovableType 3.0 is live. After some tinkering and Typekey registration, I was able to download my very own copy. Yeah! There are several different versions: Personal, Commercial (5 users), Commercial (20 users), and –way down at the very bottom of the page — MovableType Free. Of course, the free version has no support, limit of three authors, and limit of three blogs. There is also a developer version, but there aren’t a whole lot of details on what that is. (Note: The developer download page has a broken form so far.)
The personal version, if that’s your cup of tea, is “special price, must act now, hurry, hurry, hurry” of $69.95. Wow.

7 thoughts on “MovableType 3.0 is here”

  1. Egads. I have 8 weblogs. That means $600 intro price for the Commercial (20 users) version. Let’s hope my current version lasts a good long time. Guess I better back up my program files.

  2. FYI – I’m not sure if they released before they were ready or not, but I’m having all kinds of trouble getting things to work at the MovableType webpage.

  3. I guess they were going for the drug dealer approach? Get everyone hooked then charge exorbitant prices?

    There’s no way MT is worth that much.

  4. LOL! They want people to PAY for MT3? I Alpha and Beta tested it, and all I can say is…LOL!!!

    Look, if you’re going to pay for blogware, pony up the $149 ($199 commercial) and get the best blog tool on the market, which is ExpressionEngine, hands down. It officially makes MT the Yugo of blogging tools. If you can’t do $149, try pMachine pro at $49. Still superior to MT, if for no other reason than you don’t have to rebuild.

    If you can’t (or won’t) pay, go with WordPress.
    It’s free and it’s got many advantages over MT, although there are still a few quirks they need to work out.

  5. FYI, in checking out the new licensing, the free version only allows 1 author, not 3. Kind of a problem since our site has both me and my wife as authors….

    I understand them wanting to make money, but $70 seems a little high for a 3 author, 5 blog license. And I can’t even find a ‘whats new’ section or version log….how do I even know I want the new version? What does it offer that the last doesn’t?

    I’m having problems navigating their site also, obviously not enough testing before they uploaded the site redesign/changes. Which from a pure business standpoint is very bad. Would you buy software from a company that can’t even make their own site perform correctly? I realize it just needs some tweaks to fix the problems, but if I was new to MT I’d be hard pressed to buy from them.

  6. And Mena’s own description of how credits for previous donations/licenses will work does not at all match what the MT store site says. The store says “$20 for the first key, $25 for your second key, and $20 for any subsequent keys” while Mena says the full amount of previous money given to MT will count as a credit.

    Well, which is it?

  7. Ryan – I’m in the same boat. From your perspective, though, you could get by with just one author. Just post everything by the same author but create categories for “Girl” and “Geek”. Tweak the template to have the category icon show down where your signatures would be. Then, on your index, you pull the “GilrL category to the left and the “Geek” ends up being fins to the right. Right?

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