Connect Xbox to Windows Internet Connection Sharing

If you’ve got a Microsoft XBox and you’re looking to use the XBox live functionality, you’ll need to access your existing internet connection. For some people, that means connecting the xbox to your pc via Windows Internet Connection Sharing.


  1. Before you connect any cables, turn off your Xbox console, cable or DSL modem, and PC. If you have an external modem, unplug it from its power source to turn it off.
  2. Connect one end of your Ethernet cable to the Ethernet out port on the PC NIC. Connect the other end to the Ethernet port on the back of the Xbox console.
  3. Most Windows ICS connections require a crossover (not a standard, straight-through) Ethernet cable for this, although some may require a standard cable. See your modem documentation for more information.
  4. Turn on your modem and your PC.
  5. Configure Windows ICS to share your Internet connection. For more information, see your Windows documentation.
  6. Once ICS is configured, make sure that your PC can access the Internet.
  7. Turn on your Xbox console with no disc in the disc tray.
  8. From the Xbox Dashboard, choose Xbox Live. Or, play a game on your Xbox Live Starter Kit disc and choose the option for Xbox Live play.

If you see the Xbox Live screen, congratulations! You are connected to Xbox Live! If your Xbox console can’t connect to Xbox Live, the Xbox Dashboard provides an automatic network troubleshooter to help you connect.

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