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Although it’s not really news, I officially hate Andy Rooney. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, he can take his, turn it sideways, and firmly stick that sucker where CBS should have stuck a boot years ago.

Our soldiers in Iraq aren’t heroes…by Andy Rooney

If our troops aren’t heroes, then someone please explain to me why they are re-enlisting to stay with their divisions in Iraq, when they could be going home to their families? (incredible photo here)

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  1. I agree that Andy Rooney is a bitter old gasbag. They are ALL heroes because they are doing a very very hard job for very low pay for the good of our country.
    But I think sites like Instapundit are just as bad the other way. There is overall a huge problem with soldiers not re-enlisting, and taking some anonymous picture of a few soldiers and holding it up as an example that “See – Almost all personnel are re-enlisting to stay with their divisions in Iraq, when they could be going home to their families?” is just false propaganda that ignores the reality of their hardships.
    I guess the truth is somewhere in the middle. Yes – they are heroes. But no, they’re not all boot-lickers who think George Bush is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  2. Latitude to MarineMom, on the presumption that there’s a personal relationship there. I do sense a little bit of a political bias/slant brewing just underneath, however.

    But – to be 100% fair – I certainly don’t think anyone represented what you’re suggesting. Without question there are plenty of troops are serving their tours and are happy to be headed home. But, according to the Pentagon (and you kinda have to take their word for it) every branch of the armed services is on pace to meet their enlistment goals.

    I also think it’s short-sighted to suggest that any soldier serves any President. If you ask most, I think they would be proud to tell you they serve the country.

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