Adult Happy Meals

Just when I’ve been pushed to point of road rage over fast food drive thrus, there’s this nugget (pun!) about adult happy meals at McDonalds. I was a little concerned that Grimace had gone all Paris Hilton on us, but it’s not that kind of ‘adult’.

McDonalds is sprucing up their meaning to get ‘healthy’ so kiddos will also get an option of apple slices and juice instead fries & cokes. Adult meals will include bottled water, a pedometer, and a note to get your happy meal ass off the couch and walk. What? No toy?!

3 thoughts on “Adult Happy Meals”

  1. It’s interesting. They announced their new XXX—um, I mean, adult—Happy Meals, and their stock falls. It just goes to show that Americans, do, indeed, want fries with that.

  2. I think it’s fully in keeping with Matt Donnell’s overall phamily phriendly philosofy.

    Think about it – when you was a chid, wasn’t it a part of nearly every fambly dinner that at least one of you had some wonderful veggie on your plate that you despised with all your heart and wouldn’t eat if all the starving chids in (insert name of impoverished/faminized nation) came and watched you with flys on their eyes.

    Why should a fambly dining experience under the Cold Ann Archers be any differnt?

  3. The best part of McDonalds as a kid was going to the birthday parties there. The always had that kick ass orange punch. 🙂

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