The Return of the King

The King returns tonight & Tivo wishlists are rejoicing. After 15 months, Tony, Chris, Paulie et al are set to rule Sunday nights. Here’s a quick glance at tonight’s episode with some potential spoilers (be warned!). One that I have to share, though, is the arrival of Steve Buscemi to the cast. Most, most, most excellent! The episode he directed (w/ Paulie & Chris lost in the woods, chasing the Russian, eating tic-tacs & ketchup packets, and fashioning carpet for shoes) remains one of my favorites. Buscemi will play one of Tony’s recently paroled cousins.

The Sopranos is back tonight at 8p Central. I’m like a junkie just twitching to hear the first bars of the soundtrack again. Or maybe it’s just Blogmadness.