My mind is elsewhere

I’m “homing from work” today – which I’m defining as the act of thinking about & doing things related to home from the office. For example, I’m thinking it’s about time I just fix the fence and sue my neighbor.

I’m also thinking it would really kick ass to get the grill going with the Coopers, plus some wine/mojitos/texas beers/water. I think it would also be awesome if we had a really big hammock. And music. And I could get the fire pit going. Maybe some other people could get outside their head a little and join up in the Mound. All details TBA. Call CC. She’s good with these things. And hopefully she’ll read this and know WTF.

Unrelated, Camille’s nightmare/dream has come true. So far, no Buffett dates for Dallas. Looks like it’s going to be summer at the earliest. But, I’m sure she’ll have a babysitter lined up by then so….

More unrelated, Blogmadness is firing tonight at midnight. I’ll post some details tomorrow, but I’m in the finals bracket and it’s single elimination. I will really need your support. Lose & go home. Win a couple matchups & you get a Grand Poobah hat. (I hope that’s the prize!)

If I win it all, I promise to take my picture in a Grand Poobah hat. I think a Grand Poobah hat would look like the ones that Fred & Barney wore when they went to their men’s club meetings, right? At least a really nice fez. And (presuming I can actually find a Grand Poobah hat), anyone that wanted to take their picture could borrow my hat.

And finally, Merrin is home today. I wish I was, too.

8 thoughts on “My mind is elsewhere”

  1. Grillin sounds good to me! We should make Josh grill for us since you guys already grilled for him. I saw a hammock yesterday at the grocery store for $99.00. It was one of those with a stand, and I was thinking how much I wish I had one. Oh, and I think we’re gonna go look at a patio table tonight so if they keep ’em in stock we can buy one and eat outside too!

  2. Homing from work is a great way to put it. BTW… Josh’s site has been blocked by our agency’s smut/political site blocker software. What the heck is he doing over there??

  3. D) All the above.

    Smutblocker :0 several people have pointed this out. Beats me why, I’ve been thinking about a new domain name lately anyway.

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