Intensely Religious

Following being personally tested in the garden of the postholes and Merrin creating a store on the first day, I think we’ve both come to realize the intensely religious connection that can develop from insanely physical labor.

For example, we spent the better part of 15-minutes tonight just praying that the remote control would move close enough that one of us might reach it with a foot, saving us from actually extending an arm.

Please, I beg you, no one call us tonight. We want to talk to you, I promise. It’s just that the cordless phone is all the way over there.

7 thoughts on “Intensely Religious”

  1. I think the neighbors might have suspected that something, shall we say, more sinful was going on tonight, though, since their yard backs up to our bathroom. I was, quite literally, praising God when I finally washed the remains of the day from my battered body. On the 8th day, He made hot showers, and they were good.

  2. Sounds to me like you need a little more physical labor in your life. As someone who does it everyday I can list the many benefits and disadvantages of it.

  3. I may need a little more physical labor, but it’s not like I’m immune. I mean, heck, I’ve got a tractor, right?

  4. Physical labor does not even come close to describing what I will for 9 hours a day, every day, for the next three weeks. Imagine aerobics, weightlifing, and boxing all rolled up together. All day. No breaks. My heart rate doesn’t even start to slow down until I get in the car to drive home. As much as I love it now, I sure wouldn’t want to subject myself to this on a regular basis! 🙂

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