Honorary Oiler?

University of FindlaySo the students visiting from the University of Findlay have sort of adopted us. They are leaving on Friday, but today we all got UF hats and shirts. I’ve really enjoyed having them around this year. It’s been a lot of fun.

The three students I’ve been working with this week are all really sharp. I’ve got an MBA candidate (graduating May 1) and two juniors. They’re all really smart and a lot of fun. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them a little. Everybody from the trip has been awesome.

They were off to the Stars game tonight and I really wanted to go along, but these early mornings (I was up at 4am this morning!) are really taking their toll. Maybe I’ll take a day off Friday and go grab a drink with them tomorrow before they fly out.

Either way, I hope some of them stay in touch because they’ve all been great. We took some digital shots with them today, so if I get a copy I’ll post ’em up.

4 thoughts on “Honorary Oiler?”

  1. Friday holds possibilities…I guess we’ll see when you get home! (hehe! if not you, then I’m pretty certain Merrin wil report!)


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