Hard Hat Zone

So the new fence was completed yesterday. It probably could have been finished on Wednesday, but the weather hasn’t been too helpful. My neighbor actually finished the project (screwing the final panels to the posts) while Josh & I loaded up the old fencing and took it to the dump.

I had no idea going to the dump could be so much fun. Yeah, it was raining and kinda muddy, but the Red Steed has the 4×4 action, baby. No problemo. The coolest thing about the dump is probably the free, lime green (hi-vis) hard hats they give you. I thought it was dumb until we were standing up in the bed of the truck chucking 4×4’s at the earthmovers. You need a hard hat! Better yet, you get to keep the hard hat.

Going to the dump is a very liberating experience. Just standing there in the rain throwing out this fence that I cussed for a year was like a new beginning. When we finally got down to the piece that the neighbor had strung up with twine, I was more than glad to cast that one to the earthmover.

Merrin asked me if I remembered to take the old tree clippings and such to the dump as well. Oops. I guess I … forgot. Oh well, we’ll just have to take our hard hats and go back another time. No problem, though. This is a hard hat zone! 🙂

Thanks a million to Josh for all the truck runs & help. That’s one project completed. Here’s to many more!

7 thoughts on “Hard Hat Zone”

  1. You can thank a lawyer for them issuing y’all hard hats (the operator’s liability for Curly klonking Moe and Larry) and for letting you keep them (liability again if’n y’all were to contract head lice or scalp fungus).

    That 4×4 bidniz is a far cry from stuffing a half-ton of garbage in a VW Microbus (with implements OF destruction). Just don’t wait all summer to haul off the stuff you forgot or y’might find the dump’s closed for Thanksgiving and wind up having a Texas chainsaw version of the Alice’s Restaurant Massacree (in 4 part harmony).

  2. Update: The neighbor has paid me for his “half” of the fence. I’m happy that it’s all behind us, but I’m really surprised to actually see a dime from him. YAHOOTIE!

  3. Will we get to see said fence?

    And hardhat?

    Ps: Are our comments rated good/bad if we do/don’t type in the security code? Just wondering…

  4. I used to wear a hard hat everyday when I worked new construction, before joining the leak department. They’re nice in the summer, but cold cold cold in the winter. You have proven another proverb. If you don’t have a truck; have a friend with a truck.

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