I don’t have a lot of time to post. Well, that’s not true. I guess I’ve got all night, but I’m not going to spend it posting. I’m off to watch TV with my wife for the first time in probably a week. So, the posts will pick up again later in the week after I get the fence completed, I presume.

nf0 was nice enough to strap 11 fence panels onto the back of his truck and drive 20mph from Home Depot to Chez Donahue last night.

Let me say this about Home Depot: F-you and your shitty service. I’ve had it with you, Home Depot. Lowe’s always has someone to help. In fact, Lowe’s always has someone trying to go out of their way to help me. From the very helpful Bryan K in tractors to the very gay Buford W in fencing, everyone at Lowe’s wants to help me spend my money. With the exception of your tool rental scheme, your store has nothing to offer me but a stack of fence panels and a eat-shit, load it yourself attitude. Ever wonder why you have pallets full of fencing and Lowe’s doesn’t? I used to think you bought more, but now I’m convinced that Lowe’s just does a better job selling than Home Depot.

Investors wonder why HD isn’t sustaining gains and is losing share. Well, just go in the place on a weeknight and try…just try…finding someone to ask for help in loading fencing or which deck screw to buy. Pathetic.

I cannot wait for the new Lowe’s in Flower Mound. Then it’s bye-bye Depot and buy-buy Lowe’s. Stupid Home Depot.

4 thoughts on “F-HD”

  1. That’s what we thought. I don’t know if all HD’s are like that, but that one is terrible. The people at Lowe’s are so much more helpful and NICE.

  2. Glad to hear you’ve had good luck at Lowes because the service at our Lowes in Smyrna, Tn sucks!
    Oh yea, they have a lot of employees but i think they hire a lot so they have someone to talk to. All i ever see is three or four of them standing around talking and no one to help!!

  3. Hearing the intense hysterical laughter? Yea. That’s me.

    When ever I go in, I brace myself…I never know what kind of help I’ll be getting, if I happen to get any at all! I get irritated with the aloofness, that even if I need “stuff” real baaaaaaaad, I will walk out! The crap is that, eventually, I have to go back, tail tucked. Dammit!

  4. Wow that is very strange.. The Home Depots in our area (Winnipeg Canada) always have helpful and knowledgable staff. Recently my wife and I have started our paintaing marathon. During that time we’ve had to pick up misc odds and ends for other projects that we’ve started too.

    There is always someone there who is helpful and interested in chatting about teh best ways to do a particular thing.

    Maybe it’s just a friendly Canadian thing though 😉

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