Damn I’m tired aka Fence Update

So the fence project moves on. Today was a real bee-yatch of a day. Yesterday, I chopped the fence down. This morning, nf0, nf0’s Red Steed, and I went to Home Depot. I rented an auger to dig post holes and got all the 4″x4″ posts and cement.

Let me just say right now: I had no freakin’ clue that digging holes was so much work.

We (the terribly unhelpful, never fix the damn fence neighbor) hit all kinds of Texas clay en route digging 11 2′ deep holes. I had no idea that it was going to take nearly four hours to get these holes dug. When I say “four hours”, I’m not just saying elapsed time. I’m also implying that it was the most excrutiating and physical four hours I’ve had in a very long while. It was four hours of hell.

When we finally stopped for the night (about 6 hours into the project) we had 11 post holes dug & finished, the auger returned to Home Depot, and 9 posts standing firm in 2 feet deep in concrete. For some reason, my calculations came up short on concrete. I need about four bags to finish off the last two posts.

On tap for weeknight fun: Bribe nf0 to make a run to the dump & Home Depot. Pick up 4 bags concrete, 3″ screws, and the fence panels.

Funniest moment of the day? J&C came over to watch me run the auger. My neighbor, who has stalled at every turn to replace this fence and gone so far as to tie it up with string to keep it vertical, says, “If I knew you wanted to do this we could have done it months ago.

I thought I was gonna Terry Tate ‘Office Linebacker’ tackle him.

4 thoughts on “Damn I’m tired aka Fence Update”

  1. Now imagine how much ibuprophen you’d need had you digged ’em with a manual PHD. Of course, you coulda paid extra and hired a Manuel PHD, but then you wouldn’t have learned such a valuable life-lesson.

    BTW, those gas powered augers can be a lot of fun when you hit that chunk of concrete the builders helpfully buried for you. The drilly thing stops dead on the cwancwete and you, holding the Handels with all your might, start rotating.


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