Another great night on the Mound

Like Nolan Ryan, we just keep having great nights out here on the Mound. Last night, his people called my people and got the ball rolling. It wasn’t long before her people checked in and confirmed that all was good. Next thing I knew, her people were on board and even the non-blogging ‘friend’ was accounted for! The food was good and the company was even better. Even the newest of friends had (I think) a great time.

To top things off, the commute home was pretty manageable. It would have been easier if Josh would let me go Kool-Aid through his fence with the tractor, but alas – we had to hit the sidewalk expressway.

Speaking of fences, I completely took down my neighbor’s fence today. It now lies chopped up in little bits like this week’s liver & onions special at the senior center. I’ve got to go rent an auger tomorrow and get 12 new post holes dug & set. With any luck, trips to the ER will be few and far between so I may be finished with the fence debacle by Wednesday or Thursday. YAHOOTIE!

Elsewhere, I checked the brackets for Blogmadness. The battle for the Poobah hat could potentially have two of the Blogging Kevins squaring off or maybe even a rematch with a certain Moose! It can’t happen without you though. Voting wraps at midnight Sunday, so check all the entries and vote for your favorites now!