A new day

Anyone that lives/lived in Tampa about 15 years ago may remember the song. I forget what change (management/coaches/etc) brought on the season ticket drive jingle, but the song itself still stick with me: “It’s a new day…in…Tampa Bay”

I should point out that it sticks with me for two reasons. First, it was catchy. Really catchy. Like Britney Spears/Vanilla Ice/Run DMC/Outkast catchy. You couldn’t escape the power of the chorus. Second, it kinda bugged me at the same time because, it wasn’t a new day in Tampa Bay (which was/is/will continue to be a body of water), but a new day in Tampa. They needed to get that cleared up. Anyway.

Lynch - #47     Sapp - #99

Today is another “new day” in Tampa (Bay). The beloved Buc-os have released all-around good guy John Lynch. I’m sure Robyn is mourning. Lynch was the heart of the defense. It also signifies that the Bucs probably aren’t going to resign Warren Sapp, the soul of the defense. So, two of the three core defensive players (the other being Derrick Brooks) are probably off to new homes.

I don’t know if it’s going to be a good outcome or not. The Bucs seem determined to grab some older players in free agency and let some of the young players move up. The mix out to be about right, but it makes you nervous when you wait 20+ years for a team to excel & then only get to see a few years of success before it’s broken apart.

Thanks for the memories guys. The city & the fans owe you a lot. You’ll always be Bucs to us.

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