Winter. Spring. Repeat.

I love Texas weather. We’ll have a couple days of spring followed by a couple days of intense winter. Winter…Spring…Repeat. While I can’t vouch for frost on pumpkins, I say with all certainty that the birdbath is definitely frozen. I don’t want to imagine what the temp was when Merrin left at six this morning, because it was 31 when I got up at nine with a wind chill of 21.

This week went pretty fast at work. Or maybe it went slow. I can’t tell exactly. Every day I was a day off – I kept thinking it was Tuesday on Monday and so on. Does that make it a fast week or slow week? Anyway….

All is good in the Donahue home. Not much new to report. Merrin was home yesterday and made some incredible fudge. I’m shocked at how good this stuff is. She’s a great cook, but she really doesn’t like to make candy or bake. Really good stuff. She also made some exceptional jambalaya last night. OMG it was so good. Chicken, shrimp, sausage…yum! We have a little left over and I bet it will be even better today!

A couple of quick projects this morning. I’m replacing two light fixtures and then I’m going to sneak off to Sam’s and Fry’s to explore a little while Merrin’s at work. I think two of her girlie-friends from Chaos, Inc are coming over so I’ve got to find my happy place before then!

6 thoughts on “Winter. Spring. Repeat.”

  1. First, Man Lotion. Now it’s Girlie-friends?!

    I think I’m going to use girlie-friends to describe those due, male or female.


  2. March is…God only knows in Texas. Austin is three hours south and (generally) 5-10 degrees warmer than D/FW. I’d say bring one of everything you own and you should be safe. The truth is that -regardless of what you pack- the weather will be the opposite, so I’d pack a snaow parka and a raincoat and you can buy some sun’n’fun clothes in Austin. 🙂

    PT – I’ve taken to saying girlie-friends b/c it’s too risque to say girlfriends. 🙂

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