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OK. I definitely want to see The Passion, but I’m a little bit hesitant because I’m not sure what the protocol is. For example, should you even buy popcorn? Who wants to be the guy just crunching away on some popcorn like a rhino in the chow line as Jesus is portrayed dying on the cross?! And with all the debate about anti-Semitism, should the movie theater even be selling JuJu Beans?! If I drink a Coke while Jesus is at the last supper, am I going to be inviting eternal scorn?

This may seem like a trivial issue, but –honestly– is snacking during a portrayal of the Biblical Gospels really a good idea or not?

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  1. Good question…How strong is your stomach? The description of the violence in the film (and yes I understand that what really happened was much more severe) sounds like a big appetite suppressant to me.

  2. Is it bad to be laughing at the guy who is pondering if it’s in bad taste to be eating or drinking anything in the movie theater with such subject matter? Will I, in turn, be inviting eternal scorn for laughing at that same guy who is worried, also, about being eternally scorned for even considering what might be a scandalous act?

  3. You’ve raised some valid questions that I had not considered. While I am an ordained minister (insert Nelson-like HA-HA! here), I don’t have any of the grand Answers you seek. All I know is that I plan on seeing Passion tonight and Club Dread tomorrow. And I will sneak booze into both of them.

  4. Excellent question. Camille wants to see this movie also, and she must have popcorn, but should she now. Wow, i’m stumped.

  5. I think the low concession revenues will not entice the theatre chains to keep this movie around any longer than they have to.

    From what I gather, it’s similar to the Omaha Beach sequence in Saving Private Ryan. Watching that graphic representation of the collective sacrifice of so many soldiers put me way off my feed.

    I’m hesitant to see the movie because I’m more than a little afraid of having to face the enormity of the Sacrifice He endured for me.

    I’ll definitely go see it, prepared with handkerchiefs to be an emotional wreck.

  6. shmed – the Saving Private Ryan (SPR) references are plentiful in people describing Passion (TPoTC). From my perspective, they are not valid. Here’s my reasoning:

    Both movies represent a tragic/heroic/graphic loss of life. The main difference, at least for me, is that SPR made me empathetic and respectful of a whole generation of men. In TPoTC, all the pain and suffering is endured by just one man.

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I have to think that all the graphic pain and suffering being cast on a single person is going to have a significantly greater impact on me.

  7. Good point on the SPR clarification – I agree. My comparison was for frame of reference both as to the degree of graphic representation and duration (and that it was by no means gratuitous).

  8. I’m wondering if there will be any previews shown before The Passion. Does seeing a preview for Shrek 2 lessen your religious movie-going experience?

  9. Well, since it’s very unlikely they’ll be serving any unlevened bread and wine, I guess popcorn and soda’ll have to do – it’s your nickel dude.

    Interesting question on the previews, but I’ve got a better one: How hard does Hollywood ignore this movie next Oscvembuary?

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