The sound of typing

Seems like there is an awful lot of typing going on in the office today. If I didn’t know better, I would say that some of the people in the office were polishing resumes. The company has an initiative to weed out folks that consistently underperform and –from the sound of the typing– it would seem to be a well contested race for the bottom and/or the escape hatch (whichever comes first).

As for me, my position is 100% secure. I’ve exceeded all my goals for the past two years and I’m already ahead of the game this year. That’s a good feeling, but it also can bring resentment from people who’s seat is considerably hotter than my own.

I probably shouldn’t say much more, but those who are on the bubble already know who they are. For whom and when the bell will toll, I know not. But I’ve seen the hunchback climbing the stairs, this month has a Friday the 13th, I think and I just saw two consultants named Bob in the building. I’ll leave it at that.

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