The Greatness of Mark Cuban

Got an email today from Mark Cuban. I sent him a quick email this morning about HDNet – since I believe I’m in the market for an HD TV. He suggested that you buy the best of the major brands that you can afford. Interestingly enough, he said that he has a Zenith at home. Cool!

I suggested that they add an XML feed to HDNet‘s website for programming. I was told it was a great idea and that it will be in the works.

Let me say this about Mr. Cuban: He’s just an all around great guy. Forget the fact that he could buy anything he wanted – he started in a blue collar family selling trash bags door to door as a kid. What he has, he’s earned with hard work. But the guy has never stopped being real. He’s an absolute fanatic owner of the Mavs, but he’s a fan first. He’s a great marketer, but he loves products/selling first. And any billionaire that’s up and answering their own personal email from a no-name like me (on Sunday AM, nonetheless!) is a-ok by me.

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  1. Every interview, appearance, or game in which I have heard or seen him agrees with your point. He’s well grounded, passionate, and isn’t “above everyone else.” I love it when he calls into the radio stations and starts with, “hey I was listening about …. and I have something to say about that…”

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