The Blogmadness of it all!

OK. I’ve lasted a little longer than I expected over at Blogmadness. Somehow I’ve made it into the third round at Blogmadness with my post on tormenting my wife (and blog readers) with those little songs that just get stuck in your head forever.

I suspect I’m going to get crushed by the mighty wind that is Matt Hearn. If y’all have a moment, check out the entries and –if I’m worthy– shoot me a vote so that losing total won’t be too unbearable. Check out the other blogs at Blogmadness, too. I’ve found a couple of new “must reads” among the semi-finalists. Vote now!

7 thoughts on “The Blogmadness of it all!”

  1. Thanks. This is going to be a really close race. Since you can only vote one time, I really need all the help I can get. That being said, I don’t think anyone (especially me) expects me to actually beat Matt Hearn.

  2. OK. There are two hours left and I just got passed in votes by Matt. I think it’s inevitable that I will lose. If you haven’t voted…

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  4. Holy crap! Wow! I don’t know how it happened, but I beat Matt Hearn by a lot. (94-43) Whoever sent out the all-call, I really appreciate it. With each win, of course, comes the simple fact that I’m going to need your help again soon. I hate to keep asking and asking, but I really do appreciate you coming through.

    Thanks guys. I will read off all your names if I ever make it to the podium.

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