Super Bowl After-Thoughts

As Tivo owners, I know that my Super Bowl watching habits are being compiled and will be reported en masse over the next few days. It’s something they’ve done in 2002 and 2003, so I expect that there will be a press release with the info on who watched what, how often, and for how long.

Here’s the advance: In our house, we watched little/none of the first three quarters of the game. We did, however, watch all of the commercials at least one time. We watched a couple of them twice. I hated the stupid AOL speed ads and could really care less about the Mike Ditka/Viagra/whatever ads.

We did like the Muppets/Jessica Simpson, McDonald’s Dryer Sheets, Mastercard Homer and Budweiser’s “Clydesdale Donkey”, “Yelling Like a Ref”, and the “Fergus, Bud Light!” ads. We also liked the Pepsi “Busted Music Downloader” kids and dug the Staples Mafia/Supply Room ad. I think Merrin drooled a little over the Troy Movie ad and we both thought the Visa Snow Volleyball was good. Seeing Jerry Jones & Bill Parcels sing was…different.

As far as halftime shows go, nothing has yet/will ever compare to the 2002 U2 concert. This year sucked and, personally, I wasn’t even shocked/impressed with Janet Jackson’s boob. I thought she was over exposed from the get-go, so the extra reveal was no big deal to me. Merrin thought it was spontaneous and I thought it looked a little pre-meditated. I’m sure it’ll be the Tivo Moment of the Game, but I vote a pastie = premeditation. The NFL has said that MTV will probably not be doing any more halftime shows after the stunt.

In fact, we paused the halftime after Kid Rock (he was OK) and looked around to see if Comedy Central or someone might be rerunning the Beavis & Butthead Halftime. They should definitely bring back the Beavis & Butthead. The B&B halftime special wasn’t nearly as good as the Christmas special, but it was better than the crap they play for halftime now.

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl After-Thoughts”

  1. The guys at my house started channel surfing and stretching their legs instead of watching halftime so I didn’t even know about the boobie until just now – wow will they be sad.

    The Staples mafia supply room was my favorite ad of the night; it is funny because it is true.

  2. Yep halftime was a complete and raunchy mess. Overall the game just got better and better as it went on. We were all razzing our host for not having a Tivo a few times. What did you think about

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