Spending the weekend with my wife

I get to spend the whole weekend with Merrin this week. No jobs taking us away, no distractions…just the two of us doing who knows what. This is a pretty rare occurance. Usually we have to be planning something big (like a weekend out of town) to get to away from our jobs for a complete weekend. On top of that, the weather is beautiful.

She had suggested that we go to the Home & Garden Show. Sounds decent – I need a hot tub anyway, right?! I was thinking we could combine that with a trip to see the new Turner exhibition at the Kimbell and check out the François Boucher thing while we’re there.

Time-out! I just reread the last two sentences. You should too (without focusing too much on my overly casual writing style!) What kind of dramatic transformation has my wife achieved in the last 10 years that I can voluntarily combine the concepts of looking at hot tubs & gardens with looking at Impressionist art?

Last night was another great dinner @ Cheesecake Factory. A little Crusted Romano Chicken for myself and -much more importantly- a pretty decent Mojito. I showed off the new facade at the resort to Merrin and she feigned interest rather convincingly. 🙂

Aside to JC –> Whatever we do this summer, we must perfect a house recipe for Mojitos. I don’t care how many hours it takes us to accomplish, it’s a quest worth completing.

No exact plans for Sunday. That seems about right. Merrin says there’s some hub-bub on TV, but that’s what Tivos are for.

Have a great weekend, y’all. Anyone that wants to join up (especially pregnant neighbor couples & those residing in Cowtown), email or messenger me quick this morning. We’ll probably roll around noon.

3 thoughts on “Spending the weekend with my wife”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how those enchanting creatures can change you into a softer and more sensitive human being without your even noticing that they are doing it? That is what happens when you are lucky enough to find that one special one.

  2. I wish we could’ve gone to the show with you. It would’ve been fun. During our class Josh and I confirmed our boredom with each other and then wished we were in Ft W with both of you.

  3. We would have come, but 1) I read the entry Sunday morning, and 2) My mother-in-law, the cleaning automated super machine was working on our house.

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