She thinks my tractor’s sexy

Merrin is totally in love with the new tractor. Suffice to say that the 3½ hours that it takes to mulch, edge, and trim the yard is going to be greatly reduced with the addition of the new mower. Haven’t officially fired it up yet, but mega-thanks for Senor Cooperiño for helping me get that hoss home last night. (Pictures forthcoming)

The suggestion has been made that we get some NASCAR stickers on that thing ASAP. So, if anyone out there wants to be my corporate sponsor, let me know. 🙂

In other redneck news, the steel cage match continues. Vote at Blogmadness.

3 thoughts on “She thinks my tractor’s sexy”

  1. No way! Those stickers are for me and me alone. Wait. No. Now I have something to threaten him with. What man in his right mind wouldn’t do anything to keep his power tools from being covered with Hello Kitty?
    Thanks, PT!

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