New Mozilla Firefox

Get Firefox Mozilla Firebird is no more. Long live Mozilla Firefox. (Details on the name change) Not only is the new logo somewhat bitchin’, but the browser improvements over Firebird are great – and don’t get me started in comparing it to IE. I’m upgrading my Firebird to Firefox and probably adding some themes to it. You should too. Compliant browsers – like cakes with files in prison – are a good thing.

5 thoughts on “New Mozilla Firefox”

  1. Does it have an installer yet? I’ve been using Mozilla lately and I’d like to move to Fire* but I’m going to wait for it to be easy and stable (much like my criteria for dates… just kidding…)

    Also, I noticed Thunderbird is up to .6 now… that ought to be a fun upgrade later.

  2. Now I’m really torn about which browser to use. Thanks for the link and heads up by the way. I really like Fire/bird/fox, but I also have the option of using another good standards browser, Safari. Safari still loads much faster and is more responsive on my older G3 mac. I’ll have to see if they have improved the performance of Mozilla.

  3. Firefox does have an installer now. It’s on the Firefox homepage linked in the post. I can only speak to the Win install, but it’s definitely better than IE6.

  4. Nice! Now if they’d get the form spell checker to stop sucking we’d be in great shape.

    (PS: I meant release .5 for thunderbird, not .6)

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